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Preserving Pictures

digital-photobookDo you have thousands of pictures lying around in boxes collecting dust? Or is your computer over-loaded with digital photographs? How organized are you when it comes to storing and organizing your family photographs?

I’m using a digital camera and my pictures currently consumed more than 2GB memory space in my laptop. I store and achieve my pictures regularly to prevent losing them. In the event of laptop crash, I will not run amok as I still have the back-up copies.

Compact disc is the easiest way to store our pictures. With a CDR and a CD burning program, we can store our pictures easily. I usually organize my pictures by months prior burning them into a CD. I have a nice CD case to keep all these discs.

I also love to print them out to display on photo frames, albums etc. Using the best printing option and glossy papers, I print them out using my own printer. Sometimes, I send them to photo shops for printing and display them in beautiful photo albums.

When I have time, I enjoy making digital photobook. This is the most creative and beautiful way of preserving family pictures. Preparation of the photobook is done offline with a photo editing software that is provided free-of-charge by the service provider. After the photobook is completed, I’ll optimize the final touch-up before uploading it for printing. The photobook will be mailed to me within 1 to 2 weeks.

I have been using Photobook and so far, I’m very satisfied with their service and printing quality. Recently, my friend introduced Album Stories to me. I’ve seen her photobook made by Album Stories and it is indeed very beautiful. Their premium version is priced slightly higher than Photobook. Reason is that every individual page is coated with glossy protective laminate. Thus, the pages are more durable and the colours are sharper too.

I’m about to start making my third photobook and I hope to have it published with Edison’s second birthday pictures.


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