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Word Spurt

Is it word spurt? It seems like Little Edison’s vocabulary has exploded over the weekend. Suddenly, he is learning words at a much faster speed. He starts uttering new words that set me in awe. He has better understanding of our daily conversation too.

edisonMe: “Seven, … What are the numbers after seven?”
Edison: “Eight, nine, ten!”

Me: “One, … What are the numbers after one?”
Edison: “Two, three”

His ‘three’ sounds like ‘tea’, but it’s alright. He will get it right very soon.

Me: “Who bought you this pacifier?”
Edison: “Mama!”

Me: “Who bought you this bear?”
Edison: “Godpa!”
Me: “That’s very good, boy!”

Me: “Do you want a bus or a concrete mixer?”
Edison: “Two”
Me: “Smart boy. You want both? Ok, Mama will buy a bus AND a concrete-mixer for you.”


Me: “If you see a red man, can you cross the road?”
Edison: Shakes his head

Me: “If you see a green man, can you cross the road?”
Edison: Nods his head

It’s so FUN making new discoveries with Little Edison everyday.


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Godpa Kenneth

Oh my… Little Edison is making swift progression daily.

Grandma will relate to me Little Edison’s daily routine and it just gives me so much reliefs from my daily stress.

Sometimes, I just wonder if its due to the pre-natal education the boy received or its those colour-filled flash cards that keeps the sparkle lighting in our little junior’s mind?

No matter what are the contributing factors, I’m glad to see this boy growing up well.