Birthday Celebration

Two weekends ago, we had a mini party at home to celebrate Little Edison’s birthday with my in-laws. Our original plan was to celebrate at Jack’s Place restaurant, but the idea was scrapped as Edison was still coughing.

A lovely birthday cake from Haagen-Dazs was proudly sponsored by Godpa Kenneth. Little Edison was so excited when we sang a birthday song for him. He happily blew his Sesame Street birthday candles.

Last Friday, we had another mini party with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and their two children, who came to Singapore to celebrate Little Edison’s birthday. It has been a super busy weekend for all of us. Edison loves meeting up his two cousins. They have lots of playtime and also โ€˜fighting’ time. Yes, they were fighting for toys the moment we walked away.

It was a wonderful family get-together!



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