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Edison Turns TWO

To my dearest Little Edison,

At this time – 11:30am, two years ago, I looked at you for the first time. You were bundled up in my arms, tears of joy rolled down my cheek. I was so tired, but when I looked at you, I felt so blessed and happy. All of us were buzzing with happiness with your arrival. You were such a cute little baby.

Edison - 3 weeks old

During the first month, I cried a lot. I was helpless whenever I heard you cry. I was sleepless whenever you refused to sleep at night. I was in pain due to engorgement. I was tired of pumping breast milk and you refused to drink. I hate confinement food and the 101 confinement rules that I had to follow.

Two years have passed. You have blossomed into a cheerful and happy kid. You have an excellent capacity to keep yourself entertained. We can leave you in the living room and you’ll spend your time playing with your toys. Of course, you will run to us when you get bored. We understand that, we are glad that you don’t get into much trouble when you are left alone.

Edison - 18 months

This year, you start to talk a lot. Some random and silly things that you say make us laugh and laugh. You can sing too! We absolutely adore the ‘banana song’ that you created. Recently, you started singing ‘Burung Kakak Tua’ and I was totally amazed. I know that you love music a lot.

In you, I discovered a child’s love in its purest form. When you say goodbye to your grandparents in the evening, you splash all your flying kisses to them. When you hug me and plant your tiny kisses on my cheek, I can feel that you love me, no matter what I do. You are a passionate boy, you are not afraid to show your love.

I love his smile!

I love the way you smile and laugh. It’s so adorable and infectious. My heart melts whenever I see your smile. I adore your big round eyes and thick lashes. Although you’re a boy, I still enjoy dressing you up. Now, you have your own wardrobe, full of clothes, shoes and bags too. You like to decide what to wear when we go out.

Edison loves to write and read

You love learning. No matter how tired we are, you still want to read before you sleep. We are amazed by your determination. You learn by listening carefully in what we say and observing what we do. You have an excellent memory too. This morning, when we were all rushing to go to work, you discovered that daddy forgot to bring his mobile phone. None of us realized that the phone was charging at the power cord except you. You are amazing!

I took the longest time to write this post as I have too much to say to you. Today is your birthday. Happy 2nd Birthday to you, my dear Edison. Thank you for being such a wonderful child. You inspire me to be the best mom that I can be. I’m so proud to have a cool son like you.

Love you always and forever,


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Hey Edison

Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoy ur birthday! It sounds like your mom has a perfect day planned!

Pug-love XoXo


Happy Happy birthday to Edison!!


Happy Birthday Edison!~! Sorry for not being there to celebrate your 2nd Birthday. Hope you enjoy ur birthday celebration with popo, kung kung, Uncle Chi Eng, Auntie Yit Sim and your 2 cousins!

Godpa Kenneth

Happy Birthday to my beloved Godson Edison!

Sometimes when I am feeling drained in office, I would just give grandma a call to hear on your matinee and well-being.

You’ll knowingly run to the phone and greet me with your earnest voice.

Your pronounciation is persuasive enough to earn my smile.

The acts of yours are good enough to keep the family laughing aloud.

We will continue to Love you, Teach you and Nurture you.

We do all that for a reason.

Let the reason be “Edison”.


Upload pictures when you’re free k!