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How Independent is Your Toddler?

two year old

Two-year-old is wonderful, exciting, busy and demanding. It’s time to gain independence from parents and caregivers. Little Edison shows independence by making choices and by learning to help himself. For instance, he decides on which shirt to wear when we go out. When we allow him to make choices, he feels happy and worthwhile.

Everyday he says new words and does new things that amaze us. One minute, he is extremely disciplined and he understands rules. The next minute, he struggles, throw tantrums and yell to get his way. He can be a handful at times.

Here’s a quick check to see how independent he is:

  1. Brush his teeth – Partially (with minimal assistance)
  2. Dressing and undressing – Nope
  3. Wash his hands and dry them – Yes
  4. Pick up toys and put them away – Yes
  5. Sleep on his own – Yes
  6. Potty trained – Yes, but sometimes insist to poop on the floor
  7. Respond to instructions fairly well – Yes
  8. Self-feed – Partially
  9. Can ‘read’ and turn the pages one at a time on his own – Yes
  10. Can ‘draw’ using crayons and color markers – Yes

His score: 8/10

Not bad,  Little Edison!



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