Let’s Read!

let's read!

About two months ago, I started reading nursery books with Little Edison. After our flashcards session, we will spend about 10 minutes reading these books. Sometimes we skip our flashcards so that we can have more time reading both English and Chinese books.

We lay a mattress in our bedroom as our reading corner. It is cozy, quiet and away from distractions. I read at a leisurely pace with pauses here and there. Little Edison will chime in on a word now and then. I will turn the pages and he will point to the pictures or words. We cuddle up, laugh, relax and enjoy our reading.

I realize that our reading session helps to boost his confidence to speak and read along with me. It is also an excellent bonding time for me and Edison.


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Huey Ling

Edison is a really attentive boy. He can sit down to listen attentively to you. I tried so many times on flashcards on George. The moment I take out the flash cards, he will just snatch them from me and try to twist and turn the cards. sigh… regarding story books, when I try to read to him, he will try to turn the pages and will teat them. It is really hard to start all these on George.