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Mid-Autumn Festival


Mid-Autumn festival is around the corner. I guess everyone is busy browsing catalogues and shopping for mooncakes. I had too much of them last weekend. As a result, I’m having sore throat now. I have to refrain myself from eating anymore mooncakes now.

Mid-Autumn festival is one of the most important days in the Chinese culture. It’s the day where the younger generations return home to the elderly and have a family reunion dinner. Being married and away from my hometown, I still miss celebrating this festival with my parents and siblings.

I still remember how I celebrated this festival in my hometown when I was young. My mother will put a table and chairs in the garden, together with mooncakes, pomelos, drinks and food. The adults will sit in the garden; admire the beauty of the full moon while eating mooncakes. The children will carry colorful paper lanterns and lit the front gates with colorful candles. Oh, I start to miss these nostalgic moments….

My maternal grandmother bought new lanterns for me and my siblings every year. We had paper lanterns as well as the battery-operated lanterns (with music). We walked around the neighborhood with our friends, carrying our lanterns as we moved. It was so much fun!

My all-time favorite mooncake has to be durian mooncake. Each bite of this snowskin mooncake is so rich with durian. I simply can’t resist! As I’m flipping the catalogues now, I’m amazed by the mooncakes in dazzling array of colors, shapes and creative new flavors. This website highlights twelve fantastic mooncakes that we should not miss this year. If you are still clueless on what to buy, do check them out.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone! 


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i tried the Goodwood park Hotel D24 snowkin mooncake and their soursop. hey, not bad at all.

and also Bakerzin, sesame truffle, a very unique taste.

Happy Mid-autumn 🙂