Organic Children Clothes

Soft Organic Onesies from Fierce Hugs


It seems like lately the trend is to buy organic products. Organic food, organic milk, organic baby products and the list goes on. Now, we also have organic clothes. This is definitely something new to me. I wonder what they are. Do they really make a difference in overall health, internal systems or skin care?

When I first heard of organic clothes, I thought of organic cotton. Most of the conventional cotton is grown with the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals that can hurt the environment and irritates a baby’s skin. Organic cotton saves the environment and keeps harmful chemicals away from our baby’s skin.

Despite the higher price, the demand for organic clothes has risen in recent years. Parents want the best for their children. They want their children to be comfortable and free from toxins. By using organic clothes, we keep our environment alive, our water less polluted and our soil healthier.

I googled on the internet to search for online stores in Singapore that sell organic children clothes. These online stores attract me.

Maybe I should buy one, try it out and feel the difference…

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