Phase Hairdressing

Phase Hairdressing

Last Friday, I gave myself a break by taking half day off from work. I went to Phase Hairdressing Salon for a haircut, hair color, highlight and probably a hair treatment if time permits.

This is my second visit to Phase Hairdressing after a satisfied first visit back in Dec 08. When I reached the salon, I was greeted by a sweet and pretty receptionist. Biscuits, sweets and Chinese tea were served as soon as I was seated. Stylist Stanley attended to me this time as Ru (my previous stylist) was on leave. In fact, all the stylists and their assistants are very nice, friendly and warm.

I started with a hair cut to trim away all my split ends. Then, I had a pre-color treatment. The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate the dye from getting into our scalp. Stanley applied serum onto my scalp, followed by a scalp massage to ensure that the serum penetrates into the scalp. This treatment also removes the ammonia smell after the hair color.

After the treatment, we started the hair color process with the base color. Stanley applied the dye all over my hair. I wanted a dark brown as the base color. After about 30 mins, the dye was washed away from my hair. My hair was blow dried in preparation for the color highlight.

I chose a light brown as my highlight. The highlight process was very time-consuming. Section-by-section, the stylist has to apply the dye on a small portion of my hair. This step took about 1+ hour to complete. During the process, my tea was refilled three times and my magazines are changed too. I deeply appreciate the attentive service provided by their staffs.

My hair was again washed and blow-dry after the highlight. Their hair wash is very comfortable with no water sipping down my back. The assistant stylish blow dries my hair gently without any discomfort. In between the process, I chatted with Stanley and his assistant Joanne.

Five hour passed and all done! The actual hair color was pretty close to my choice, except that it is slightly darker at the bottom. Surprisingly, there is no smell of hair dye at all! All thanks to their pre-color treatment.

phase hairdressing

I bought a shampoo, hair mask and hair rebuilder for my color-treated hair. These products are gentle to color-treated hair; they extend the color’s luminosity and restore moisture balance by gently adjusting our hair’s pH balance. I wonder how long these tiny bottles of 150ml can last. I used them yesterday and my hair feels so smooth and light.

My total bill came up to $300 including the hair products and 15% discount for my return visit. They gave me a $25 voucher for my next visit. All in all, I was pleased with the end results and excellent customer service provided by Phase Hairdressing.

My verdict:

Service: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Price: 9/10

I’ll definitely be coming back for my third visit. It will be either cosmic straightening or soft rebonding.

Phase Hairdressing is conveniently located at 470 North Bridge Road #01-05, North Bridge Commercial Complex and their website at


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Gulp! $300 ??!


A shot of your nice look? 🙂


Haha, we all should see the great woman behind this blog 🙂