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Splash it! Pour it! Fill it!

edison - water play

The weather has been warm and sunny recently. Little Edison gets to dip in the pool again. No doubt, water play is delightful to children of any age. They can spend hours simply by spraying water from the taps, pouring water from one pail to another, filling bottles of water and getting wet.

Whenever he hears the word swimming, he will pack up his water toys, bottles and containers of different sizes and shapes, followed by a float from the store room. He will have hours of fun splashing, pouring, filling and spilling the water. Most of the time, he gets to play with other children in the pool too. I’ll encourage him to socialize and play with them.

This is absolutely the easiest way to keep Little Edison entertained for hours. I can rest and relax by the pool and at the same time spend some fabulous time playing with him. It doesn’t really matter what activity that I choose – as long as we are HAPPY. His face beaming with joy and happiness is my biggest reward and motivation.


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