Throat Infection

sickLittle Edison was down with fever yesterday morning. On our way to Grandma’s house, he vomited in the car. He was irritable, cranky and sick! I immediately applied for urgent leave to bring him to the doctor.

Dr. Oh came to our rescue again. She did a thorough check on Edison. Apart from fever, he had no other symptoms – no cough, no runny nose, no rashes, nothing. She told us that our little boy was having a throat infection (or Strep Throat).

Edison’s throat was inflamed, red and has some white dots. Strep throat is common among young children and it is caused by bacteria. Dr. Oh prescribed Augmentin (antibiotics) and she assured us that the symptoms will go away within 3 days.

Today is the second day. Little Edison still has a mild fever. His appetite and activeness have improved more than 50%. I wish my little boy a speedy recovery. 


2 thoughts on “Throat Infection

  1. I wish Edison a smooth and encouraging recovery.

    I have had the opportunity to see Edison after work, today. From afar, he was seen giggling and playing with grandma as our senior pointed to the sky to the junior, showing Edison the neat arrangements of our moon and stars.

    Little Boy was happy to see Godpa and immediately greeted me with a childlike laughter.

    Naturopath practitioners religiously believe that laughter is the best medicine. I could see it working.

    Well done, boy !

    1. Hi Ken,
      His eyes sparkled when he saw his grandma + grandpa this morning.. Although he was slightly feverish this morning, he was still active and smiley. Edison has always been a cheerful boy. I told him that he need to take paracetamol today to stop his fever.. he nod his head and ate the medicine without struggle.. I’m so proud of my boy..

      Fever, fever go away! I believe Little Edison will be 100% well by tomorrow… I kept waking up to check on him for the last two nights, I was losing sleep too….

      Last update at 2pm, Mummy told me that his fever was gone… but his appetite is still no good.. I guess it’s due to his sore throat and his appetite should recover by end of this week…

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