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A Minor Bump

Edison & his little bump on forehead

Falling down is perhaps what toddler do best – it’s so easy to trip and fall down, or try to climb up something but not quite make it… sigh…

Little Edison fell down thrice this week. The first incident happened early last week when he was running and playing hide-and-seek with my helper. He fell on the floor, bump his head and hurt his four front teeth. I wasn’t around during the incident. When my hubby informed me that his teeth were bleeding and slightly shaky, I totally freaked out!

For next three days after the incident, he refused to drink from his bottle. He felt pain on his front teeth when he drank from the bottle. Thus, we fed him using a soft straw from a cup. Thank God that he recovered well within three days. I was so worried that his front teeth will drop out.

Last Friday, he fell down again on the wet floor when Grandpa was mopping the floor. It was a minor incident but poor Grandpa got a scolding from Grandma. Yesterday, he was chasing after two boys at the playground. He tripped and fell on his head. As a result, he had a minor bump on his forehead – the size of a fifty cent coin (picture). Luckily, the playground is covered by a rubber mat that minimizes the impact of the fall. Otherwise, he could end up with bruises on his palms and knees too.

I can’t help but feeling very heart-pain every time he falls down. I keep telling myself that it’s okay for him to fall down. He will bruise his knees, knock his head, a few scrapes, they can’t be helped. It’s all part of his growing up. We can exercise caution, but there is no way to protect him 24/7.

“My dear Edison, please be extra careful when you run and climb… promise me, ok?”


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ouch ouch… sayang sayang.
totally understand hw u feel, my heart still skip a beat each time
i witness/hear about it.


brave boy, Edison!!! very gungho