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Communication Milestones @ 25 months

I love Mummy!


I google on this subject today. Most articles that I read have the same conclusion. At two years old, a child is expected to have at least fifty words in their vocabulary and to be saying two and three word phrases. We can expect him/her to answer simple questions too.


Okay, that’s a good one. I’m going to do a quick count of the number of words that Little Edison has spoken (clearly) to-date.


Papa, Mama, Yeye (grandfather), Ah-Ma (grandmother), Gong-gong, Popo, Kakak, baby


Crocs, book, bus, car, mug, star, moon, cloud, balloon


Cat, dog, ant, bee, rabbit, fly, fish


Yakult, egg, bread, grapes, pear, lime, orange, ice


Eat, study, walk, wear, shower, go home, up, down, poo, pee, bite


Red, purple, pink, brown, black, white, green, blue, orange


One to ten (occasionally he will skip #7)


Hi, bye-bye, no more, don’t know, don’t want, more


Chinese Words:
Tou (head), jiao (leg), ya (tooth), shou (hand), papa, mama, ye-ye, nai-nai, ge-ge, di-di, jie-jie, mei-mei


Great! He has more than fifty words in his vocabulary now. Recently, he has started to say two-three word phrases spontaneously and construct simple sentences.


The other day, Daddy was not working. He was about to leave the house at 6pm to fetch me from my office. Little Edison ran to him and said “I want Mummy!” Apparently, he wanted to tag-along with Daddy to fetch me. I was so touched when MIL told me about this incident.


Last night, my helper told him that she will be going home next year. Little Edison replied “Go home, kakak. Bye-bye!” He doesn’t seem to be bothered about my helper’s return next year. He is just so funny at times.


Speech continues to develop at an amazing rate for Little Edison. I’m waiting for him to say “I love you, mummy!” These words will definitely touch my heart like nothing else can. 



radiant October 26, 2009 at 12:29 PM

Hi Emily,
I did 4low ur blog occasionally coz ur boy is same age as mine (2 yo)n Edison oso my elder boy’s name( 3.5 yo)…I had a blog b4 but due 2 my laziness, it’s no longer active..more active in facebook now..

E is doing well base on his development update…my boy is also at the average..can says up to 4-5 words eg”i want to eat chicken”,”pls open the door”..but some words phrases he is unable to say correctly, like, “go go” (refer to brother)…”kakak” (refer to sister, my maid in Malay)..so is Edison encounter this? pls share.

when Louis was little 17 mths..he could finish 7 pcs jigsaw puzzle himself..but now he seems not interested in puzzle n lego block liao..more like trains/cars kind of toys…would you pls to share ur E’s intesrest of toys?


Emily October 26, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Hi Radiant,
Edison doesn’t quite like puzzles too. He loves trains, car, aeroplanes – and everything about transport. I lost track of how many toy cars he have now, he just couldn’t get bored of them. Funny!

Last night, I just bought him a remote control car… haven’t try out yet, but I’m sure he will jump with joy when I give him this car.

Sometimes, they will get certain words wrong. We have to correct them slowly. Edison used to say “meow” when he refers to a cat… We kept repeating to him the correct word, now he is able to say “cat” when he sees one..


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