I’m Worried

It is confirmed – Little Edison will start his Nursery class in Jan 2010, which is just two months away from now. We received a confirmation from the church kindergarten last week.

Seriously, I have a mixed feeling about him going to school next year. To think about it positively, I believe that he will benefit from the group-learning environment in the kindergarten. He will also enjoy the companionship and opportunity to socialize with children of his age.

On the flip side, I’m worried about his level of independence. He is barely 27 months in January next year. Is he too young for school? Will he hate me for sending him to school at such a tender age? Will he cry when I leave him at school? Can he eat meals on his own at school? Can he take care of himself at school? Can he convey what he needs to his teacher?

worryI have endless questions in my mind now. I’m confused. And I’m just soOoo worried.

Mummies, if you are sending your two-year-old to Nursery next year, can you tell me how you feel now?

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Hi Emily, I sent my son to Pre-Nursery(Half day) this Jan when he was 20mths. I have no regrets. He has made tremendous improvement in his Chinese. He can also sing many songs now. Of cos once a while, he will cry for a while to seek attention when he sees me leaving him in his school in the morning but i tell myself I have to ‘harden’ my heart. Anyway, his teacher told me he is a bit ‘drama’ and recovers from it very fast. So no woories, Emily. Have you brought Edison there for a trial? From there,… Read more »


Emily, I sent my girl to childcare when she is 22 months ( due to no choice cos my mum cant look after anymore). same like you, i felt so heartache have to leave her to someone else. But, after talkign with other friends who are also mummy, i feel that hey, maybe it’s time my little missy learn to be independent, to learn new things, meet new it’s actually good for them. My fren who delayed sending her boy to school (she only enrol her boy to nursery when he is abt to turn 4) she said she… Read more »