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job promotion

I was completely over the moon when I received my job promotion last week. It was just soOoo unexpected. Although we maybe technically out of the recession now but I never expect to receive my promotion this year.

A promotion means (slightly) more money, more respect, but it also involves more duties and responsibilities. I want to meet the expectations of my superiors and prove to them that they didn’t make a mistake in promoting me.

I have been working with this company for almost six years. I’ve gone through many stages of my life here – from single to married, and now a mother. It’s amazing; I can’t believe that I’m still here. What’s wrong with me?

The beginning of this career was extremely tough for me. I worked twelve hours a day and even on weekends. The semiconductor supply chain is very challenging and complex. Rapidly fluctuating product demands are coupled with long manufacturing leadtimes. Manufacturing involves complex product routings that span the globe. Sudden demand upsides, materials shortage and capacity shortfalls are my biggest nightmares.

With proper guidance from my mentors and encouragement from my superiors, I learnt to deal with these challenges and overcame my fear. Now, I’m glad to say that I’m a ‘seasoned worker’ in this industry. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and I’ve matured.

Although this is not my first promotion in this company, I still feel as happy as ever. I also think about how fortunate I am and am grateful for the things that I do have in my life. This positive attitude is the key of my life. I will continue to work hard for my future, my family and my Little Edison.

Jia You!


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Congrats Emily!





Hi Sis, Congratulations on ur promotion! Really happy for u…


Hey! Congrats Emily!!!


congratulations there ! it means more toys for little edison ? heee

Enqi's Papa & Mimi

Congratulations! Cheers..