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May 2007

Ginza-May 07

This is ME, when I was 5 months pregnant with Little Edison. This picture was taken in May 2007 in Ginza, Japan. My biggest worry back then was knowing where to find the nearest 7-Eleven store because I was constantly hungry.

At the end of my pregnancy, I gained a massive 18kg in weight. My feet, fingers and face swell due to water retention. I walked like a penguin. I was clumsy and ugly! My tummy felt like a big watermelon – round, big and heavy.

Well, a lot has changed since then. My butt returned to a much smaller size. I gained about 3kg from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m glad that I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans now.

I love being a mother and watching my son learns and grows. His innocence and marvel at the simple things in life bring me joy. That love between me and him is the most precious thing that I ever had.

My life is so BEAUTIFUL with Little Edison!

P/S: This is the first time I publish picture of my pregnancy days in this blog. Hehe!


mico November 2, 2009 at 8:17 AM

ur tummy really look big at 5 months. i put on an impressive 17kg too and also left with 3kg afterwards.

now, im carrying my second, coming to 23weeks already, my cols all said my tummy looks smaller this time. i swim weekly now but i still eat like mad daily. maybe cos now i have a little toddler to look after, thus, not as relax like first pregnancy. but, im still enjoying having my bump at 2nd trimester now.

hey, when’s ur plan for 2nd baby ?


Emily November 2, 2009 at 2:24 PM

Hi Mico,
I’ve no plan yet for #2. In fact, I’m thinking of stopping at one.
It’s good that you have regular exercise during your pregnancy. Eat whenever you want, don’t starve your baby wor. Enjoy your pregnancy days and I wish you a smooth pregnancy ahead 🙂


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