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I stumbled upon My Little Ones website today, and I was really excited. It is a local online store specializes in children and prenatal educational products. I’m not sure about prenatal education, but I was impressed by their children educational products. Their prices are very reasonable too.Click HERE to see all their available products.

my-little-ones products

Firstly, they have a wide variety of flashcards. My First Learning Cards set contains nine titles that include ABC, 123, transport, animals, daily necessities, Chinese words etc. Each title has 40 picture cards, both sides laminated, full-colored and comes in a box with plastic handle. The price is only $7.50 per box!

They also have the enormously popular Leapfrog Educational DVDs. (Mummies, you don’t have to order from Leapfrog US! Save lots of waiting time and shipping costs!) The price is only $19 per disc. These educational DVDs are excellent for children from 3 to 6 years of age.

Maths Cards DIY KitIf you are looking for blank flashcards, My Little Ones have them in three sizes too – A5, 11″ x 11″ and 4″ x 24″. There are 100 cards per pack, 310gsm and both sides glossy. This is the ideal weight and size for making our own flashcards. What attracts me is this Maths Cards DIY Kit (picture)! It contains 100 pieces of 11″ x 11″ white cards and 5050 red dots stickers to make 1 to 100 random dot cards. Excellent!

In addition, they also have photographic memory training materials. From Mandala cards to picture cards and color memory kit, these products are excellent in training a child’s photographic memory from 3 to 7 years of age.

Door-to-door delivery is available and it will be charged at $10 per trip for orders below $100. For orders above $100, the delivery charge will be waived. You can also opt for postage or self-collect.

Check out My Little Ones today!


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Woah…just looked at the encyclopedic cards – S$50 for Set of 10 cards each? *hehe* Nevermind… And the puzzles & flashcards are easily found in Popular bookstore.

Huey Ling

thanks for sharing this. Just in time for what I need now. George is more receptive these days. Im gg to stock up alot of these educational pdts to teach him.


Hi Emily,

This website is recommending LNT. heee.. how abt SM hor..anyway, we are not comparing methods.. just look at the right material.

haha Emily, yeah, I make my own books for baby’s learning. I don’t really use much flashcards. I do like 1 particular range of flashcards available in Popular called “My First Learning Card Series”, but I am very selective and only buy a few bc mainly to teach Cantonese on my own, not for anything else.