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RHB Junior Banker


Daddy walked home happily with a pleasant surprise for Little Edison. “Hey Edison! Daddy has something for you!” He gave Little Edison a big goodie bag from RHB Bank.

Apparently, he opened a Junior Banker account for Edison. In the goodie bag, there is an automatic personal ATM bank – in short, a piggy bank for Little Edison to save money. It’s quite cute actually. It allows the children to withdraw money using a cash card and password. It can also calculate the children’s coins deposit in it.

Everyday, we empty our wallets and give our coins to Little Edison. He will happily deposit all the coins into his new piggy bank. It’s never too early to introduce the concept of money to our children. We start to teach Little Edison the proper way to receive, spend and save money. When his piggy bank is full, we bring him to the bank to deposit his money.

Besides free insurance coverage for the parent and child, the bank is also giving away a cuddly RHB Lion soft toy for a minimum deposit of $1000. Click HERE for more information on RHB Junior Banker account.


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Thanks for sharing. to get the piggy bank, how much is the min deposit ?



Hello Emily,
I apologise for my stupidness but I cant seem to activate my Junior Banker Personal ATM even with new batteries. The screen was just blank. Can you advise me on what and how to do? (:
Love, Amy

daud awang

I have that tabung already. I still remember the password. Could you please tell me how to open the tabung. let say my password is 8844.

could you please teach me how to open that tabung.

daud awang