Starting Nursery One in 2010

Yesterday, I took half day childcare leave to visit a few church kindergartens. Little Edison is going to start his Nursery classes in one of these church kindergartens next year.

In Singapore, children aged 3 on 1st January can be admitted to the Nursery classes. Kindergartens function daily, five days a week, with schooling hours ranging from 3 hours to 4 hours each day. Most kindergartens function at least two sessions a day.

We shortlisted four church kindergartens in our vicinity. We visited them and we made our final decision yesterday. Our first choice will be Paya Lebar Methodist Church Covenant Kindergarten. St. Paul’s Church Kindergarten will be our second choice.

Most likely, Little Edison will have to attend the afternoon session, which starts from 11am to 2pm. Morning sessions are mostly fully booked, and we are on the waiting list. We prefer morning session so that we can send Little Edison to school before we go to work. The afternoon session coincides with his napping time, so it is less favorable for us.

Little Edison was excited over the idea of going to school, having a teacher, meeting new friends and reading new books. I observed him as he roamed around the classroom with excitement. At that instance, I realized that my baby has grown-up so much. I can still remember him as a tiny little baby and now he is a wonderful little boy who is going to start Nursery next year.

Wow, it’s just too fast!

Edison and his Bob The Builder bag

Little Edison with his new Bob The Builder schoolbag

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Just stumbled on your blog while googling for Convenant Kindy. My daughter is attending a childcare nearby and I intend to enrole her at Convenant. Any reason why you gave up Bethany Kindy as a choice? I am deciding between the 2 as well. A few days more to go before I sign up, your views appreciated!



Then Edison will be in nursery class ? i thought for nursery, it has to be at least 30 months old ? by Jan 2010, Edison is younger than 30 months old ?



Thanks for sharing. We have a place at Bethany but my friend’s kid attended Convenant and I was on waiting list. Just got confirmed there at 11am class. So maybe see you there at the Orientation in November?

Hi, stumbled upon your blog while googling for bento tools 🙂 So unrelated..

But, I was so attracted and loved your posts and started reading and reading! Then I realised we are leaving in the same part of Singapore! So nice!

Anyway, I wanted to find out your views re the current preschool your son is attending and also Bethany and St Paul’s. Is Bethany also Sunbeam. Would you pls share? If not convenient to state here, can email me?

Thanks so much and God Bless!



Just came across ur blog while checking out on Bethany. Can you give me an idea of good christian schools in and around Sengkang area. By the way which school have you enrolled your son? Thanks in advance..


Hi there Emily

Stumbled upon your post.. I’m keen to know which nursery your son’s attending since you mentioned that the principal and teachers are good. I’m currently considering St. Paul’s, but would like to have more options. Look forward to your soonest reply. 🙂



I’m staying around Serangoon area. May I know which school r u send ur child to and may I know the feedback of the school? Appreciate ur advise 🙂

Hi EMily,
Can i enquire which kindergarten you sent Edison to in the end?
due to privacy u can email me
I’m thinking of placing my boy in PLMC kindergarten, but they only have 2nd session available
And it coincides with his naptime.
Your advice very much appreciated!!:)


Hi Emily,
Stumbled upon your blog while searching for schools for my 3 year old daughter. I have shortlisted PLMC kindy as we stay near serangoon area. Hope to find out more about the school from you.. Environment, syllabus, enrichment etc. do email me if it’s inconvenient to publish here. Thanks so much!


Hi Emily,

The sch that ur son is attending is one of my choices for my girl, going on to k1 next year. Her current Christian school has high teacher turnover rate. We are very concerned and troubled over this. May I know if the teacher situation has been stable in his school? Thanks a lot for your input!


Dear Mag,
For the past 4 years when my son was in PLMC Kindergarten, the teacher turnover rate has been very low. In fact, I’ve only seen one who has left the kindy when he was in N2.

The teachers there have been teaching in that kindy for many years, it seems like they are very dedicated and enjoy teaching there as well.


Thanks Emily, yours words are deeply reassuring!


Hi Emily,

Glad that i found your blog. I am going to register my son to PLMC n would like to get some information from u if u dont mind.

Does the school have cctv installed? Also, how do they communicate the child’s progress to parents? Isit through talking with the teacher when we send/fetch our kids? Or is there any communication book / regular parent teacher meeting?

Thanks a lot for your input 🙂


Dear Angeline,
Nice to meet you here. As of my son’s last year at the kindergarten, there was no CCTV installed. The parents and teachers can communicate via communication book, twice yearly parent-teacher meeting or phone calls. You can also talk to them when you send your kids to school.

Smitha ganesh

Hi planning to enrol my Son In St. Paul’s kindergarten in 2016 for K1. Any reviews / feedback please ?