Toys and Childhood Memories

I think everyone of us has certain toys that we cherished when we were young. Now, think back – imagine being a child again. What were your favorite toys? I still remember some of mine. I enjoyed playing paper dolls, which are figures cut out of paper, with separate clothes held onto the dolls by folding the tabs.

I designed the clothes for my paper dolls. I drew them on paper, colored them and cut them out. I fancy being a fashion designer when I was young. I felt that fashion designer is a very cool profession, but I doubt I can make much money from it. So at the end, I did not make it to fashion design.

Besides paper dolls, my siblings and I had a substantial LEGO collection when we were young. We built houses, schools and towns with our LEGO sets. The three of us can spend hours playing with our LEGO set in our room. I believe my mother must be truly amazed by our talents. We are born engineers and architects.

In general, I’m a huge fan of toys. Toys are a reminder of the best part of my childhood. Everyone learn and grow up by playing toys. Whenever I make my way to the toy section in a department store, there is a huge grin on my face. Most of the time, I couldn’t resist buying new toys for my Little Edison.

Now, I’m going to write down the top five toys that Little Edison has enjoyed for the past one year.

1. Any kinds of vehicles – car, train, bus, truck, helicopter, fire engine etc
These are his absolute favorites! In total, he has more than 20 of them. He will play on the table or on the sofa. He likes to park them in vertical or parallel behind the parking sign. And he has the traffic lights too!

2. Balls
From football to basketball, and now golf, he loves to play with balls. We like to play mini-catching game with him, and he enjoys it. Our latest addition is the golf set. Each of us takes a golf club and chase after the golf ball – we play it like a hockey game. So much fun.

Let's wash my car!

3. Ride-On
He has a Fisher-Price Little People ride-on car at home. He enjoys pressing the buttons to watch lights flash, hear engine sounds of vehicles revving and whimsical music playing. He treasures this car a lot, we see him cleaning it with wet tissue whenever it gets dusty.

4. Play-dough
We have a mini kitchen set at home where we make play-dough for our cooking. We also make alphabets and numbers with the dough.

bruin-keyboard5. Electronic Keyboard
We bought a Bruin electronic keyboard as his second birthday present. My music lover son enjoys playing with this toy. He dances with the built-in music and he sings with the microphone too.

Little Edison is usually careful in playing with his toys. He never breaks his toys or throws them on the floor. In addition, he has a very good habit of keeping his toys after playing. It’s something that I really admire in him!

Are there any toys that can give you fond memories of your childhood?


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heheeh yeah i still remember how we used to play our Lego way back then… it was really memorable. kids nowadays are so lucky as they have so many other toys to play with comparing to us when we were kids..


yayaya… and i only get to wear pass-it-on clothes hehehe