What About Preschool?


I’m still grappling with the decision of whether to send Little Edison to preschool next year or wait. Is he ready for preschool? Is he confident and independent enough? Will he be able to keep up with his classmates? What if he cries at school and refuses to go the next day? I have endless questions in my mind now.

Personally, I feel that preschool is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn from the professionals who know how to teach in a fun and age-appropriate methods. Children who attend preschool are more confident and better prepared when the time comes to go to kindergarten.

Apart from learning, I want Little Edison to experience being away from home and begin socializing with other children. He will learn to interact with other children and adults who aren’t his family members. He will develop social skills that are crucial for his development.

In terms of academic, he will be exposed to curriculum and materials that are not available at home. He will learn through organized play, structured curriculum, with experienced teachers and in a stimulating environment.

I have a few preschools in my mind now. It’s time to give them a visit and make a careful decision for Little Edison.

Mummies, are there any other good preschools in Serangoon or Upper Paya Lebar area? Appreciate all your inputs. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “What About Preschool?

  1. hi emily! how about st paul’s church kindergarten? heard they have prenursery prog over there. my friend’s gals are there. they integrated wonderfully there. it’s around kovan area. (a bit far for me to send nate there though)

    1. Hi Wen Hui,
      Thanks for your recommendation. I know where is St Paul, it’s quite near to my PIL’s house too. I’ll check them out, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      Co-incidentally, I was reading your blog too when you sent this comment. Congratulations on your hubby’s promotion to Officer. All of you must be extremely happy with his achievement. ๐Ÿ™‚

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