An Extra Hour A Day

If you were given an extra hour a day, how would you like to spend it?

Honestly, I want to spend this hour watching TV and relax myself. I haven’t watched a movie in the cinema for two years. This is awful, I know! On an average, I spend less than half an hour on the TV in a week. Although I have a nice and big LCD TV at home, I rarely get to watch it.

If I were given an extra hour a day, I would like to watch these two new TVB dramas. Great plots and story line, with an impressive cast that includes a strong mix of new generation actors and old generation powerhouse actors.

Click on the pictures to read the synopsis.

Beyond the Realm Of Conscience

Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Born Rich

Born Rich

I wish I have that extra hour!

2 thoughts on “An Extra Hour A Day

  1. Sis, Happy Birthday to u! Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.

    I am watching the 2 latest drama series. I prefer Beyond the Realm of Conscience because I like Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeong. They are both really pretty in that drama. The story already very exciting even on the first few episodes. Every night after Jaerone sleeps, i will catch that 2 dramas back to back…

    1. Hi Stevie,
      Thanks for your greeting.
      At night, I’m usually dead-tired when Edison hits the sack. I also sleep early, around 10+. Totally no time for all these dramas now. Haiz… Next year will be more challenging as Edison is starting school. Have to wake up earlier too.

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