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80% Diaper-Free

Edison loves to write and readOne thing that I’m worried about Edison’s starting pre-nursery next year is that he isn’t fully potty-trained. I would say that his progress is about 80% now, but without our presence, I’m not sure if he is able to communicate with his teachers when he needs to visit the toilet.

During the orientation, I found out that at his age, it’s alright to wear diapers to school. The teachers will train the students and bring them to the toilet at regular intervals. By the end of first term, most of them will be diaper-free. I’m so glad to hear that.

At home during the day, Edison is completely diaper-free. He will inform us if he needs to urinate (he will say “pee!”) or have bowel movement (he will say “poo-poo!”). At night, however, we still put on the diaper for him to prevent wetting his bed. When we go out, we will also put on diaper for him because we may not be able to find a clean children’s toilet in-time.

However, last weekend, we decided to try going out without diaper. Surprisingly, there was zero accident! We went shopping at Marina Square; I know that they have very clean family room and children’s toilet. We brought Edison to the toilet at regular intervals during our shopping trip. And he didn’t fuss at all!

The rule of thumb in potty training is consistency and a strict regimen. Bring our children to the toilet at regular intervals and educate them on the use of toilet for urination and bowel movement. Even if they are not ready to go to the toilet on their own, it is crucial that they are able to communicate their needs to us.

Never think that our children are too young for potty-training. In fact, the earlier we start, the easier it will be. Edison started his potty-training at a tender age of 8 months old. We started early and slow, we didn’t want to stress him, but rather let him learn on his own pace. It was a good move because wearing a diaper can restrict his movement and it can be quite warm and uncomfortable too.

At a start, occasional peeing on the floor was common. At 8-9 months old, he wasn’t able to talk yet. After a while, he began to communicate with us using body language. When we received his signal, we rushed him to the toilet. And soon after, these accidents reduced and finally stopped. To read about how we started our potty training, please click here.

We are going to try a few more rounds of going-out-without-diaper this month to prepare him for school. When he is completely ready, we will move-on to diaper-free-at-night. I guess this is the most challenging part of potty training. Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet is no fun at all. I’ll need to get a water-proof mattress protector too.

I’m so glad that my little boy has achieved yet another milestone in his life. In general, he is very positive throughout the process of potty-training. And without much fuss, really! 


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