Glamorous Glossy Eyes

I’m a big fan of eye shadow and I love trying different brands, types and colors. Recently, I stumbled upon a new range of cosmetics from Kose called Esprique Precious. In this range, I particularly love the Glamorous Glossy Eyes. I couldn’t wait to try out this creamy eye shadow. I bought two of them and this is what I discovered.

Glamorous Glossy EyesFive Shades

Kose….. Kose Esprique Precious Glamorous Glossy Eyes, available in 5 shades

In general, the advertising of Esprique Precious is very appealing and captivating. Walk to any Kose counter near you, take a look at these cosmetics and you’ll know what I mean. Modern, radiance, inner beauty and glamorous are the words that I’ll use to describe them.

Kose Esprique Precious Glamorous Glossy Eyes is sold at $38. It states that this eye shadow is sweat, water and tear resistant waterproof and will not wear off due to movement of eye lids. Woohoo! I almost fainted from that fact! I used it yesterday and at the end of the day, the color still stays fresh and glossy. So, it does deliver what it promised.

The dual end has a light and dark color gradation that creates a dimensional finish. I apply the lighter shade as the base and the darker shade as the shadow. They blend naturally and beautifully with a smooth touch. That’s quite a promise from a dual-color cream eye shadow.

You can wear this eye shadow to work and still look very casual and professional. I simply adore its long wearing quality and pearly shine finishing. It stays on wonderfully even on a hot and humid weather.

Click HERE to read more about Kose Esprique Precious.


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I have a single palette eyeshadow in Purple.. I must buy this one too! This Esprique Precious cosmetics range is much more cheaper than the other range.. Which color did u buy? I think I’m gonna buy the blue one..


hehehe yeah the photoshoot photos are really nice. Thanks to the make-up artist, hair styling artist, photographer and photo editor! haha they all made the photos perfect.. the best part is, i only paid RM30 for it!