How Much TV is Too Much?

Have you ever wonder how much TV is too much for our toddlers? Are there any dangers in allowing them to watch unlimited TV?

Most parents will somehow take advantage of our toddler’s fascination with the flickering TV screen to keep them entertained for a few moments of peace. I admit I’m one of them too. However, I’ll ensure that the TV program is appropriate for his age.

There are some good educational DVDs that can stimulate our toddler’s mind and creativity. They offer counting, alphabets, phonics, words, vocabulary, music etc. These are some of the DVDs that we allow Little Edison to watch at home – the Leapfrog and BabyTV series. He loves watching them.

educational dvds

Back to the question of how much TV is considered too much for our toddler, most articles that I read suggested that TV viewing should not exceed an hour or two a day. Excessive TV viewing may cause sleeping disorders, language delays, lack of social interaction or even obesity!

I’m also concerned whether TV viewing can affect their vision. This article suggested that we should keep our toddler at least one meter from the TV, but preferably more than three meters.

My rule of thumb will be maximum one hour screen time per day and minimum three meters away from the TV.


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