In Love with Little Edison


Ten good reasons why I fell head over heels in love with Little Edison…

1. The first time I look into his eyes, I understand what the words unconditional love truly means.

2. He changed every aspect of my life. I no longer have ME time, but I don’t really care. I just want to spend every moment of the day with him.

3. He makes me discover how ‘interesting‘ life is when I’m eating my dinner, the next moment I’m cleaning his poo and then I continue to eat again. We can even discuss about his poo during our meal time. It’s disgusting, I know!

4. He calls me “Mama” the moment I step into the house from work. His hugs and kisses take away all my stress and instantly cheer me up.

5. When he is frightened by something, i.e. thunder or loud noise, he will run to me and hug me tight. I’m glad that I can offer him the sense of security when he needs.

6. When he is eating his snacks, he will offer me a bite and says “Mama, eat!”

7. When my hair is messy, he will brush away the hair from my face and gently tuck them behind my ears.

8. The relentless efforts that he put in discovering the world and developing new skills have astounded me. He makes me realize that when life gets rough, I should never give up.

9. His presence has also intensified my love for my husband. I can see his devotion to be the best daddy he can. It fills me with warmth and love to see the two of them playing together and loving each other.

10. He inspires me to be a better person – a better mom, a better wife, a more thoughtful person and a positive thinker who see good in all things in life.

And lastly, he is handsome, isn’t he? 🙂


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