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Incorrect Pronunciation

Little Edison - 2 years 2 monthsIt is very common among two-year-olds but it doesn’t really bother me at the moment. Sometimes I find these pronunciation errors quite amusing too. I’ll try to correct him when he mispronounced a word but not to the extent of overdoing it. The reason is simple – he will get discouraged if I’m overly focused on how he is saying things, rather than on what he is saying. He just needs a little more time and exposure in order to get the words correct.

For example, he used to say na-na-na for banana. But somehow, he managed to pronounce it correctly now after listening to the word repeatedly. He used to pronounce rabbit as “wabbit”, open as “omen”, shower as “vowel”, pink as “mink”, on the radio as “oreo” and many more.

Recently, he keeps saying two words that sound like “armpit dot” and “bi-du-biah”. Until now, I’m still clueless about what they mean. It is great fun trying to discover what he is trying to say everyday. His latest accomplishment is to be able to construct a sentence with 4-5 words, i.e. “Yeye (meaning: grandpa) puts the pink dots.” Instead of just “car”, he will say “blue car”, “car moving”, “car stop” etc.

Doesn’t matter whether his pronunciation is correct or wrong, I still enjoy talking with Little Edison and undiscover his new words everyday!

Do you have anything silly or funny that your toddler says recently and you want to share with me? Drop me a comment, I love to hear them!

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