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My Birthday 2009

my birthdayLast weekend, I celebrated my 32nd birthday with my loved ones.

After a certain age, birthdays become a reminder that we are aging. But I don’t really mind that since I’m not exclusively tied to the numbers. I’ve gone through a wild and rocky childhood, a tough and challenging young adulthood and I finally arrive into this happy world of motherhood. In short, I’m grateful to be where I am today.

During my teens, I was obsessed about turning 21. I would think about my life in the twenties – my first job, my first boyfriend, my first paycheck etc. But when I was in my twenties, I never think about my life in the thirties. I totally freaked out when I approached the big three-oh.

Being in my thirties now, I find life amazing. I look at myself juggling with career and motherhood everyday. I have an adorable son who takes up an incredible amount of time and energy from me. But yet, I find that I’m not spending enough time with him. I feel so guilty leaving him with my maid when I go to work every morning.

At work, sometimes I find myself not paying 100% attention. There are so many tasks to accomplish but my brain is all over the place. When Edison is unwell, I have to take urgent leave to take care of him. I’m glad that my work is pretty flexible. I can work anywhere as long as I have an internet connection, mobile phone and laptop.

On my own personal life, I miss staying up late on a Saturday night. I miss watching a good movie. I miss shopping alone at Orchard Road. I miss afternoon naps. I miss learning a new skill. I miss parents and siblings in Malaysia. I miss doing a lot of things for myself.

1st Nov – I celebrated happiness with my loved ones. My husband. My son. My family. My in-laws. My friends. And I heard my son saying “Happy Birthday, Mama!” I’m blessed.

Thanks to everyone for your love!


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not only my missy and your Edison is same age, we are same age too. haaa

Happy belated Birthday !



Happy Belated Birthday, Emily!

happy belated bday !