Nursery One


As the big day is fast approaching, I’m busy preparing myself and Little Edison before he makes his first step into the world of education. Here are some of the things in my to-do list:

Attend the Parent Orientation with Little Edison
Our orientation program is scheduled on 14 Nov. On this day, the principal will give a speech to all the new parents. She will also address any questions and concerns that the parents may have. For Little Edison, he can take this opportunity to take a tour of the classroom and the rest of the school. He may even get to meet some of his classmates and possibly start making friends!

Shop for uniforms and school supplies
On the orientation day, I’ll purchase school uniforms, PE attires, badges and school supplies. I’ll probably need to source for name stickers, a new school bag, water bottle and shoes for Little Edison. Anything else he needs?

Establish a school-friendly routine at home
School will start at 8am till 11am. Waking up early is the major adjustment he has to make now. It’s about half an hour drive from our house to school (on worst traffic condition). So, he will need to wake up at 7am – brush teeth, wash face, change and drink milk – all set within half an hour and speed off to school by 7:30am.

Stop the morning naps
On some lazy days, Little Edison will take power naps in the morning. When he starts school, this routine has to be changed. We will cut his morning nap from today onwards and slowly delay it to after lunch. By next year, he will nap only once a day in the afternoon.

Apply for annual leave
Children’s first day of school is an extra special occasion for every parent. I’ll definitely apply annual leave on that day, and possibly the whole week! I want to send him to school, make him feel comfortable walking into his classroom with other classmates, give him a quick goodbye kiss, remind him to listen to the teacher and have fun at school.

It’s going to be a whole new experience for us when Little Edison embarks on his schooling adventure.

Gee, I can’t believe this day is coming so soon!


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