Parent Orientation

Yesterday, it was the Parent Orientation Day at Little Edison’s church kindergarten. My husband took a day off to attend the orientation with me. Originally, we had decided to wait one more year before sending him to school due to his small stature. He is always at the 15th to 25th percentile of the growth chart. As compared to kids of his age, he is really small in size. In addition, he is not fully trained on self-feeding too.

However, being the only child at home, he was rather spoiled by us. His terrible two is also at its peak now. He screams to get his way; he cries and throws things on the floor in a fit of temper. He is uncooperative during feeding time. Recently, he also fusses during bed time, as if all his terrible two and feeding problems aren’t enough to drive me up the wall.

I’m totally lost and I don’t know how to survive through this stage. The only help I can think of is school. That is why I’m going to send him to school next year. I’m not trying to shirk my responsibility to the teachers. However, with a new environment and under the guidance of experienced teachers, I do hope that he will become more matured and disciplined.

One of the very important lessons learnt during the orientation is coping with separation anxiety for the parents as well as children. Most new parents feel acutely nervous when their child begins school. We may worry about our child’s adjustment or we just miss spending time with them. While this is completely normal, we have to have faith with the teachers. Maintain a positive attitude, give our child continual assurance and positive image of the school will help our child to lessen their anxiety. It’s a transitional period that all of us have to go through.

On the first day of school, one parent is allowed to accompany their child in the class. There will be four teachers (as compared to two on normal school days) and sixteen children in a class. On the second day, no parents are allowed in the classroom. However, if they are worried, they can remain outside the classroom and take a peek at their child. On the third day, no parents are allowed in or outside the classroom.

We bought two sets of school uniforms as well as PE attires for Little Edison. We paid about $750+ for the term fees, worksheets, school materials and uniforms. The classroom looks like a giant toy store, with heaps of toys, story books, tiny tables and chairs. There are also outdoor and indoor playgrounds, rides, water and sand play area. There is really no reason not to love this school, except that he is not allowed to bring his two good friends along – his pacifier and smelly pillow!

 Getting ready to school

Little Edison getting ready to visit his school 

 A doctor?

Egg Seller?

Or restaurant manager?

From a doctor to an egg seller in the market and a restaurant manager, he is as happy as can be…

School attires

His uniforms and PE attires

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Missy is equally petite as well.
Not to worry about size… I’m sure Edison will fare v well in school.

My #1 started his Pre-N this year Jan. But it really depend on the child’s character and how well he is prepare for this huge change. There might be tears but stay firm and let the teachers take care of him, I’m sure he’ll do just fine!