Two Years of Blogging

blog-buttonI started blogging two years ago with the intention of capturing my son’s precious childhood memories on my blog. Children grow up so fast and we, as a parent, have 10+ years to remember them as our children. Blogging remains my top choice in capturing these cherished moments.

From writing on blogspot to hosting my own website now, my blogs have documented my life through pregnancy, motherhood, marriage life, working life till now – when I’m seriously considering on my #2.

My blog is also the channel of communication with my family and friends. I keep them informed of what’s going in our lives and exciting news at home. It is also an outlet for me to share my motherhood experiences with my blog readers.

Through blogging, I get to know many wonderful friends. We voice our opinions freely, we offer solutions and listen to each other’s problems, and we share the excitement on our children’s milestones on our blogs. This virtual ‘network’ has somehow developed and I’m really thankful for that.

Frankly, I don’t really track my blog statistics. But when I did a check last weekend, I got a shock on my findings. I have over 300 unique visitors to my blog everyday. This figure could be just peanuts to some popular bloggers. However, it’s a new accomplishment to me. I didn’t realize that my blog readership has grown so much!

To all my blogging audience, thank you for your continual support. If you have never commented before, please do leave a comment telling me where you came from. I love to hear from you!


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i share your thoughts on parent-hood espmy son is only few mths younger than Edison. My boy is also attending 3hrs playground next yr.

can you share how you potty train Edison? I am clueless (sorry) so hope to learn from your experience.