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Chickenpox Vaccination

VaccinationOne last item in our to-do list before the school starts is to have Little Edison vaccinated against chickenpox. So, we went to Kid’s Clinic at Bishan for the vaccination yesterday.

Some parents think that it is better for the child to get chickenpox naturally as we all went through it and there are no long term effects. Personally, I feel that although chickenpox is a mild disease and most children will recover without any long term effects, there is still a small chance that the child might develop serious complications.

Chickenpox is a week long illness and the child will be very uncomfortable and also infectious. The child will develop fever, loss of appetite and becomes increasingly irritable when the pimple-like bumps turn into liquid-filled blisters. It will also leave ugly chickenpox marks all over the body and face. If the child contract chickenpox in the adulthood, it is even more severe.

Now that there is a vaccine for chickenpox and if we vaccinate our child, then we don’t have to worry about all these problems. The vaccination offers 95% protection against chickenpox. This means that the unfortunate 5% will still get chickenpox infection. However, they will get a milder form of the infection, with less severe symptoms and much less skin lesions too.

The cost of the vaccination is $80, excluding the $40 consultation charge. At two years old, Little Edison will need two doses of the vaccine. The commonest side effects of the vaccine are fever and local inflammation at the injection site.

We are glad to protect Little Edison from this highly infectious disease!

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