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Christmas Gift-Exchange


Christmas is only a few days away and everyone is busy preparing unique and affordable gifts for their family and friends. I saw the craziest queue at the gift wrapping counters at Takashimaya Shopping Centre last weekend. I hate to queue, so I requested a few wrapping papers from the girls so that I can wrap the gifts at home.

Is Christmas all about gift-exchange? I wonder. The gifts exchanged are usually trinket kind of gifts – smiley face mug, photo frames, key chains, cartoon water bottles, ear rings or a box of chocolates. Nothing of value is really exchanged. It’s like a waste of time and energy to participate. Are there any other meaningful ways to share the holiday spirit?

I feel bad to blog about this but it really happens. Some gifts are continually recycled at our office’s gift-exchange. Perhaps, when these people received their gifts, they have no idea what to do with them. In order to save the earth, they recycle the gifts the following year. Gradually, our Christmas becomes the time when people exchange their unwanted gifts. Funny, isn’t it?

Every year, I received a lot of gifts that I don’t really need. I have two boxes of them in my store room now. So, this year, I’ve decided to cut down on gift-exchange. I only bought a few nice gifts for my close friends and colleagues. Initially, I thought of discontinuing it altogether this year but on a second thought, I don’t want to disrupt the office tradition.

I have an agreement with my husband this year. We won’t be buying Christmas gifts for each other, as well as for Little Edison. No more designer label perfume, jewellery or electronics gadgets for us. But we will save the money for our upcoming holiday. At least, we spend our money wisely and we can spend some quality family time together.

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i personally dislike gift exchanges, coz so far, i’ve yet to receive something that i really need. in the end, it ended up being recycled too.

this morning, i overhead a conversation over the radio. The deejay was sharing with the listeners that he know of someone who received a box of expired cookies during an exchange. Oh man, i think that’s pretty cruel of the giver.

i think companies should come out with an anonymous wishlist thingie, so that people can buy something meaningful for that someone. =)

I think the reason could be, the sender did not even bother to open the present in the first place!