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Edison – 27 months

Edison - 27 months

Toddler years are busy years, no one can deny that. Approaching 27 months old, Little Edison is always as busy as a bee. This month, he talks a lot too. Sometimes, he talks non-stop and he expects us to respond to him. Sometimes, he is very quiet and he entertains himself with his toy cars.

His behavior can be notoriously erratic too. He can turn from a lovable cutie to an aggressive little tyke within minutes. Anger management is what we are training him now. He shouldn’t shout or yell at all times. We established some simple rules and regulations for him i.e. he must hold our hands when he walks on the road; he must wear shoes outdoor etc.

At this point of time, he is still very positive about going to school. However, he is still reluctant to put on his school uniform! We bought a new schoolbag, water bottles, lunch boxes, shoes and lots of name stickers for him. We are all ready to send him to school next year!

Little Edison is quite an affectionate boy. When I say “Sayang mommy”, he will give me a soft touch on my face or shoulder. I taught him only once and now he says “I love mommy” every day. Before leaving his grandparents’ house at night, he will definitely say goodbye and good night to everyone.

Now, he is going through a picky-eating phase. When I remind him to eat his meals properly, he replies me “spit out!” He is unlikely to try new food and he is also bored with his current food. I just hope that he will resume his normal eating habits soon.

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Nice blog
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