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This week, I keep feeling moody and down for no apparent reasons. My hubby keeps asking why I looked so moody all the time. Is it because of work? Am I sick? Or am I just feeling tired or bored? Honestly, I really do not know what’s going inside me.

My emotions are taking me on a roller coaster ride. My mind feels like floating in a dimensionless space, I can’t really focus on what I should be doing.

Whilst on the bus to work this morning, suddenly I thought of the article that I read in the newspaper last night – about the High Court granted a Malaysian drug runner’s application for a stay of his execution. He was originally scheduled to be hanged TODAY, how scary!

Personally, I feel very very sad for this young man. He was only 19 years old when he was arrested by the police and then sentenced to death in January this year. Every child is born innocent. It is his social-economic background, family upbringing and life experiences that determine how he will live his life when he grows up. His parents were divorced when he was only 10 years old. He stopped education when he was 10 due to financial difficulties. With such complicated background, it’s just too easy to fall prey to negative influences.

Anyway, this is not the main reason why I’m feeling so moody on a Friday; albeit it should be a day where everyone is feeling at the top of the world.

It’s Friday, so cheer up Emily!

This blog will be out of service for couple of days till I recover from my moodiness.


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