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My Early Christmas Present

I bought myself a Christmas present a week ago. It arrived last Friday, and I was truly delighted. Well, actually I buy presents for myself all year round. Christmas is just another excuse for me to shop. I’m in a festive mood now. Christmas present makes me happy!


This is it – my new Coach Bleeker Signature Tote Handbag in Plum/Brown. A roomy and light-weight multi-function tote with the classic look of Coach, I simply have to buy it the first moment I saw it on a blogshop.

I’m amazed by how much stuff I can throw into this tote and how sturdy it is. As I go to work this morning, I pack all my usual handbag stuff, my lunch box, an umbrella and my make-up pouch in this bag. It doesn’t feel heavy at all!

coach-inside the bag

I’m so glad to find this awesome bag! And I’m happy to recommend it to you too!

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Very nice bag. May I know which blogshop you bought the bag? How much you paid?


Very nice Coach bag! I cant wait to own one myself..hehehe