My Picky Eater

"No more"

It is hard to believe that a two-year-old child who has yet to taste the world of food can be picky, but indeed he can! I’m trying my best to provide Little Edison with a variety of food and healthy nutrition, but our mealtime battle is just too frustrating.

Was I a picky eater when I was a kid? I asked my mum and she said no. My husband wasn’t a picky eater either. I’m convinced that his pickiness does not come from both of us. But who? And if it’s not because of the genes, it could be due to our culinary skills.


Whenever Little Edison hurls the rice on the floor or sticks his nose up at his food, I’ll encourage him to try at least one bite but I never expect him to be a “clean-plater”. By allowing him to decide how much to eat and what to eat on his plate helps to ease our mealtime tension. At the end of the day, I still firmly believe that even the pickiest eater will eat when he is really hungry.

I serve smaller portions of food for him, so that it is not too overwhelming for him. I also don’t cook special meals for him. He eats whatever we eat now – even outside food! I don’t ban junk food completely, but I allow him to eat moderately after his mealtime.

Sometimes, he opts not to eat anything at all! Skipping meals have been a norm for Little Edison. I used to be super worried but now I don’t make a big deal about it. I’ll supplement him with milk in order not to leave him with an empty stomach.

Little Edison drinks about 600ml of formula milk and one serving of milo or fresh milk daily. We feed him multi-vitamins syrup during the day and cod liver oil after dinner to boost his natural defense.

Despite eating like a bird, he is still a happy and very active boy. Well, as long as he grows up healthily, I guess I’m on the right track!

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