Unable to Leave a Comment

Some of my friends and blog readers informed me that they are unable to leave a comment on my blog. Some of them are so kind to write me an e-mail to highlight this problem to me. I deeply appreciate your kindness.

I’m so sorry to have taken such a long time to react. As I didn’t change any setting in my blog, I’m totally clueless on why such error could happen. My brother-in-law, Kenneth, also asked me about it yesterday.

I suspect that it could be due to the WP-Spam Free plug-in in my blog. The function of this plug-in is to filter out spam comments on my blog. Perhaps, it is too effective until it blocks the comments from my readers. Look at this, it has actually blocked 6,366 comments in my blog!


I’ve de-activated this plug-in today. To those of you who are unable to post a comment, can you please try it again now? Appreciate all your help. Thank you!

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