Welcome to December

DecemberIt’s December, finally! As the Christmas and holiday season is approaching, this is gonna be an exciting month for us.

Despite the four-day work week and shutdown earlier this year, I still have a few days of annual leave balance. Yay! We are planning for a mini vacation this month. Most likely, we are going on a cruise. Hubby has been searching for the best cruise deal that can fit into our schedule. (Thanks, dear! You’re wonderful. I appreciate all your hard works.)

I’m also taking a few days off from work this month to relax, and most importantly, to spend some couple time with my husband. We’ve been so busy with work and our son until we neglected the time for ourselves. We’re going to have a good dose of couple time this month.

I’ve found a beautiful Christmas present for myself. It’s a Coach bag, and it’s expected to arrive in mid Dec. Yaaay! And I’m also looking for a special and meaningful Christmas present for my hubby. I know he has a really BIG Christmas present for me too, hehehe!

Welcome to December, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to December

  1. hi emily, for xmas i’m planning to let my daughter sponsor a needy child through World Vision Singapore. For $45 per month, your sponsored child get access to clean water, basic healthcare, education and food. Thoight you may be interested as I feel this is a good way to nurture a compassionate nature in our kids. Your child can write to your sponsored child and they will reply all your letters.
    To hubby and I, we feel its a great idea as our daughter gets to have a penpal and learn more about others culture, while we get to make a difference in a needy child’s life. I’ve put the banner up on my blog with the hope that I can hare with more parents about this scheme and as your blog has a wide readership, thought you may like to consider helping to spread the word a well by putting it up on your blog as well. here’s the site just in case you or anyone else is interested.. http://www.worldvision.org.sg

    1. Hi Charissa,
      Thanks so much for sharing this. I believe this is the greatest gift for your daughter. I read about World Vision on the newspaper recently, but haven’t got time to check its website. I’ll definitely check out the site that you have posted.

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