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World Vision Child Sponsorship Program

World VisionI read about World Vision child sponsorship program on the newspaper couple of days ago. I was deeply touched.

There are many children in under-developed countries that are in desperate need of help – healthcare, education, clothes, goods or simply living a no-hunger life. The help can come in many forms – food, clothes, sponsorship, medicine, and perhaps the handiest, money. All these contributions will help these children to live a better life.

Besides child sponsorship, this charitable organization also works on long-term projects such as emergency relief, helping the people living in poverty, children and families infected by AIDS etc.

I seriously considered whether I should sponsor a child through World Vision. I’m not wealthy myself, but if I practice a little bit of frugality or make a little change in my lifestyle, I would be able to make that commitment every month.

However, I’m a very emotional person. I’m worried that if anything happens to my sponsored child and I’m unable to help him/her due to our geographical distance, I will be devastated. I do not want such emotions to affect my current family life.

However, as I checked the World Vision website today, I realized that I have plenty of ways to make my contribution even without sponsoring a child (directly). I can make monthly donation to their disaster response fund, child and family health fund, child education fund etc. or simply by donating a rabbit for just $16.

All we have to do is to register as a World Vision donor through its website. Payment can be made by credit card. In addition, I can help to promote their Life-Changing Gift Catalogue by spreading the word on my blog. Check out the banner on my blog now!

Together, let’s provide a little help to transform the lives of these children and families for a better!

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