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Annual CNY Rant

The most stressful month of the year is coming very soon. Despite our busy work schedule, we have to sacrifice our precious weekends to do preparations for this month. Buying new clothes, cookies, snacks, drinks, bak kwa, mandarin oranges, spring cleaning the house are the common tasks in our to-do lists.

Obviously, I’m talking about the Chinese New Year. No matter how busy we are, we have to get all our preparations done within these two weeks. Wearing new clothes during the CNY is supposed to bring good luck in the coming year. I bought two sets for myself and Little Edison has more than 5 sets now (lucky boy!).

I bought our cookies and pineapple tarts from Bengawan Solo last weekend. This week, we will hunt for bak kwa, mandarin oranges and drinks. Our house has been lightly decorated too. And one last thing on my list is to exchange for new notes and start packing the red packets.

Seriously, I don’t know why we need to do spring cleaning. It is off my list every year. My helper cleans our house every weekend, change the bed sheets, scrub the toilets and sinks, clean the windows etc. The only additional task for her this week is to wash the curtains. And voila! We are all ready for CNY!

Honestly, I don’t really look forward CNY now. I think mainly because I’m anti-social. Ok, I’m just kidding! I just don’t enjoy the regular things that we do during CNY – visiting the long-lost relatives that we don’t even remember their names, relatives that we don’t even know they are relatives, relatives who ask the same old question every year, relatives who force us to eat all their cookies etc. Sounds familiar? Hehe!

Let’s share with me some of the things that you like or dislike about CNY. I love to hear them!

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Haha, I sorta dread CNY cos I have to clean up the house on my own as we don’t have a domestic helper (but the hubby does help). However, the meeting up with friends is nice, so is the eating of all that ba kwa! :p