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Black Chicken Business

It’s 1 Jan 2010 today, the first day in year 2010. My husband is working full-day today, so I stay at home with Little Edison. One of my New Year resolutions is to become a good wifey, I feel that I’m not good enough.  🙁  So, I went to the supermarket this morning and bought some vegetables and meat to cook him a dinner tonight. I simply can’t remember when the last time I lay my hands on the wok was. It could be more than a year already! To be frank, I really hate cooking. I don’t have any talent in it.

I’m going to make his favorite black chicken herbal soup. I bought a black chicken from the supermarket. I put the black chicken on the cutting board and stared at it for a while. I was clueless on how to cut this whole chicken into pieces. I chopped off the neck and head, I threw them away. Then, I cut out the wings, drumsticks and feet. Lastly, I cut the body into two. I cut away the skin and removed the residues from the body. Looking at the inside of the black chicken, it is really super disgusting! I nearly puke my lunch during the process.

But at the end, I managed to cut the black chicken into pieces all by myself! For the very first time in my life, I cut a black chicken. Isn’t it hilarious?

I noticed that the chicken feet have very long nails. So, I chopped off the nails. A mini accident happened; I accidentally cut my own finger nail in the process. Arghhh!

I washed all the chicken parts and Chinese herbs. I put them all into a big pot with water and started boiling it. One hour passed, and I can smell the aroma of my herbal chicken soup now! Yay!

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where can i buy a black chicken?thanks