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Day Two at School

It wasn’t smooth-sailing. From the second day onwards, parents are not allowed to be in the classroom. We reached the school five minutes before the class starts. I saw some children crying and nervously clinging on to their parents. My heart skipped a beat, I wasn’t sure if Little Edison will be affected. Whatever it is, I had to walk out of the classroom at 8:15am.

The next half an hour was noisy and chaotic, as if the school was having a crying competition. The children were crying and yelling like nobody’s business. I heard “Mommy, I want to go home!”, “I want to find mommy!” etc. Feeling uneasy, I took a peep at Little Edison from the corner of the window. He was playing with blocks on his own. I was relieved.

One hour passed, I decided to leave the school as I need to visit my doctor. I was down with slight fever and irritative cough. Once again, I peeped at him and I saw him sitting on his chair and having his breakfast. He ate his bread on his own, and he drank water from his bottle. At that instance, I was emotional; I tried very hard to fight back my tears.

I left the school to see my doctor.

I returned to school at 10:45am and the school has been dismissed. Little Edison walked out of his classroom with teary red eyes. My heart stood still and I felt an awful guilt. What happened to him? I felt so bad to put him through this at a tender age of two.

I immediately gave him a big warm hug and carried him to the car park. Apparently, he was sleepy and he wanted to go home for nap. When he couldn’t do so, he started sobbing in the class.

Both of us had just taken a very big step today and I know that this is just one of the many of them. I tell myself, from now till he is 18, he will be at school. This is his new life and a new beginning for us.

Hope for the best tomorrow.

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I feel Edison is faring quite well… “Clap Clap”!!


Hi Emily,

Separating anxiety is normal especially when he is the only child at home. I guess Missy probably grasped the idea of going to school from her big brother.

My friend once told me.. we as parents have 1st let go before the kids would. they can sense if we are having some reluctance. i feel its quite true.

I’m sure the teary days will be soon over… he will get better and better by the days