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First Day at Pre-Nursery

It’s close to 11pm now. Although I’m physically exhausted, but my mind is still fresh and I want to blog about our Little Edison’s first day at pre-nursery today. He will be at this church kindergarten from 8am to 11am for 5 days a week, following the school calendar.

On the first day, the school lasted for just 2.5 hours. Kindergarten 1 and 2 will start a week later on 11 Jan 2010. All the teachers in the kindergarten are assigned to help out with the Pre-Nursery and Nursery starts this week. Thus, it is much more manageable.

The class started with assembly this morning. The teachers were trying very hard to gather all the students to sit together, and then they read out their names and put on name tags on them for identification. The teachers are like shepherds trying to gather all the little sheeps in the field. It ain’t easy – the children are all over the place!

After the assembly and a short briefing, all the children were brought to the toilet. The next half an hour was outdoor playtime. Little Edison was too excited with this Little Tikes push car; he simply refused to pass it on to his classmates. At the end, two of them squeezed into this little car!

After the first hour, some of the children were grouchy and started crying for their mommies. The teachers did an excellent job in calming them down. After the outdoor play, the children returned to their classroom for breakfast. I hide myself at the corner of the classroom, but my little boy couldn’t be bothered about my disappearance. After breakfast, the children were grouped in five for free-play activities – blocks, puzzles, cooking etc.

I walked out of the classroom one hour prior dismissal. I was confident that Little Edison will be fine. First day at school has been a lot easier than I imagined. Our Little Edison is blessed by a cool and unaffected confidence about everything. He had a lovely time because his school is just like a giant toy store that he can play with anything and everything.

Little Edison was super wiped out after the class. As soon as he reached his grandparent’s house, he fell asleep. I was somehow exhausted too, but I need to return to office to work.

Just before he went to bed, I asked him “Do you still want to go to school tomorrow?” He shrugged his shoulder and said “Yeah!” I was so relieved and thrilled for him.

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Godpa Kenneth

“Definitely heart warming to read this.. Little Edison has surprised the readers by displaying an air of confidence and maintaining an aura of composure… A worthy boy,indeed” – Godpa Kenneth, avid follower of OurLittleSmarties.com