First Month Expenses

In The Sunday Times yesterday, there is a very interesting write-up on how much parents spend on the first month to start-off their children’s education at Primary One. The average is about $800. Is this an acceptable figure or too expensive? I’m not sure.

Using the same method, I’m going to calculate our little master’s first month expenses at pre-nursery.

  • Transportation: $0 (We will drive him to school)
  • Pocket money for recess: $0 (Food is provided by the school)
  • Haircut: $10
  • Shoes: $0 (Use existing shoes)
  • School Bag: $25
  • Water Bottle: $10
  • Uniform: $60 (Two sets of uniforms & two sets of PE attires)
  • Fees: $500 (per term)
  • Worksheets and materials: $200 (per year)
  • Enrichment Classes: $0 (No enrichment class at the moment)
  • Grand Total: $805.00

How amazing! The total also comes up to about $800.

This is Little Edison in his uniform. Obviously, he still doesn’t like to wear this uniform.

2 thoughts on “First Month Expenses

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Yes, it is. Preschool education is getting more expensive. Coupled with enrichment classes when they are older, the cost will be even higher.

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