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First Month Expenses

In The Sunday Times yesterday, there is a very interesting write-up on how much parents spend on the first month to start-off their children’s education at Primary One. The average is about $800. Is this an acceptable figure or too expensive? I’m not sure.

Using the same method, I’m going to calculate our little master’s first month expenses at pre-nursery.

  • Transportation: $0 (We will drive him to school)
  • Pocket money for recess: $0 (Food is provided by the school)
  • Haircut: $10
  • Shoes: $0 (Use existing shoes)
  • School Bag: $25
  • Water Bottle: $10
  • Uniform: $60 (Two sets of uniforms & two sets of PE attires)
  • Fees: $500 (per term)
  • Worksheets and materials: $200 (per year)
  • Enrichment Classes: $0 (No enrichment class at the moment)
  • Grand Total: $805.00

How amazing! The total also comes up to about $800.

This is Little Edison in his uniform. Obviously, he still doesn’t like to wear this uniform.


Shirley January 4, 2010 at 4:11 PM

didn’t know education is so expensive nowadays 🙁 i wish government will subsidize more

Emily January 5, 2010 at 3:47 PM

Hi Shirley,
Yes, it is. Preschool education is getting more expensive. Coupled with enrichment classes when they are older, the cost will be even higher.


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