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Forth Week of School

Today, we are entering the forth week of school. I’m pleased to announce that Little Edison is making good progress and he has stopped crying since last week. Well done, my boy! Yay!

The three hour program at his pre-nursery class looks something like this:-

8:00am – Arrival time at school

8:15am – Circle time where the children queue up and walk to the toilet hand-in hand. The teachers will assist the younger children.

8:30am – Teacher-directed activity in English or Chinese

9:00am – Small group learning (not sure what it is?)

9:30am – Outdoor play (tricycles, sand or water play)

10:00am – Breakfast

10:30am – Music and movement (Tues/Thurs) and gym-play (Mon/Wed/Fri)

11:00am – Dismissal

In pre-nursery, I don’t expect him to learn much in terms of academics. Their play-based curriculum focuses on physical, language and socio-emotional development. I want him to attain independence, develop a positive self-esteem, learn to interact with others, learn to follow instructions and get a ‘feel’ of discipline at school.

I wish to be able to pick him up from school everyday, but I can’t due to my work. This is what I heard from my PIL after school – he will carry his school bag and water bottle, remains seated until his name is called by his teacher. When he is called, he will walk out of his classroom happily.

At this moment, I still can’t conclude that he likes going to school. Every time I ask him whether he likes to go to school, his answer is still “no need”. But he has sort-of accepted the fact that he needs to go to school no matter he likes it or not. We keep reminding him that he has grown up and all grown up kids need to go to school.

Reality is cruel, sometimes. But I’m sure the day will come when he truly enjoys going to school.


Carrie February 6, 2010 at 6:38 PM


I am a reader of your blog. I love all your stories about Little Edison and Yourself. From the blog here, I can see you really love your son, and even if you are working full-time, you still have the time to write and blog. I love those cartoons and photos of your son too.

And your blog is very interesting. I am a mother myself, and has a son , aged 3 yrs this year. Reading your life-stories let me feel that there’s someone like you, who shares the same experience as me – preschool, enrichment class, moving from cot bed to toddler bed, etc. I had bought one kids bed from Ikea too, the one with the bed frame of one cat and one dog. My son loves it alot.

Emily February 7, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Hi Carrie,
Thanks for supporting OurLittleSmarties. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy reading. I enjoy writing about my family, motherhood experiences and growing up stories of my son. In fact, I also enjoy communicating with mothers who access to my blog regularly. We exchange pointers, tips and share our knowledge online. It’s really a wonderful outlet of communication.

I’ll be checking out on the toddler’s bed again after CNY. Hopefully, I can find something suitable for Little Edison soon. 🙂


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