Learning to Let Go

We are all set and 101% ready for his first day at school tomorrow. His uniforms and PE attires have been washed and ironed. School bag, water bottles, clothes and shoes have been labeled with his name. Everyone at home is anxious about his first day at school (except himself who is still in his own world!).

As for myself, I have to face yet another challenge in parenting, which is learning to let go. Putting Little Edison into the hands of someone who is not connected is a totally different feeling. It is unlike leaving him in the hands of his loving grandparents when I go to work. I’m feeling a little uncertain now. Letting go isn’t easy for me, but I know that I have to do it. By sending him to school, I’m giving him the opportunity to develop his character and learn to manage the world on his own.

The very first time when I left Little Edison with someone unconnected was two years ago – his first day at infant care when he was 3 months old. I cried the moment I left the infant care center. I was depressed and I couldn’t let go. It took me one month to ease my separation anxiety. However, we left the infant care center three months later. From there on, Little Edison was taken care by my mother-in-law and helper.

Tomorrow, I’ll face with the same situation again. I hope that everything will be fine. Anyway, for the first day at school, I’m allowed to be in the classroom with him. It’s the only exception for the first day. Day two onwards, no parents are allowed in the classroom.

Will I cry? Will Little Edison cry? The answers shall be out tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. Hi Da Sao

    I’m equally excited and perhaps anxious of Little Edison’s Big Day.

    In fact, this is definitely natural.

    I tell myself that this is part and parcel of life. Little Edison may face difficulties. But, this is necessary for one to grow and learn.

    I love this saying:’.. … . Sometimes, having a life too smooth, may not be a good thing, afterall.. .’

    Little Edison will begin a new phase of life, tomorrow.

    He will learn to ask for water when he feels thirsty.

    Go up and tap his teacher’s knee when he needs attention.

    When Little Edison is ready for Pri 1, he will be more ready than any other kids in town.

    On a much brighter side, Ye-ye & Ah-Ma will also be operationally ready to drive to his school, when Little Edison needs them.

    We all love Little Edison. Edison is our love.

    We will be with you. We will be with Little Edison.

    Tough times never Last. Tough people Do.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      Can’t believe you wake up so early on a Sunday morning! Hehe… Looking at it positively, it’s also the time to discipline our Little Edison. Going to school means he has to listen to teachers all the time, eat within 20 minutes etc. At home, he is simply ‘beyond-control’… Saturday and Sunday are my most stressful days of the week, cos I have to manage his fussy eating and occasional tantrums…

      I hope he will learn to be more independent at school…

  2. I left my Alicia which is also the same age as your son 1/2 year ago and I never regret it. Now she enjoys school so much, sings, self feed, self wear shoes, and so many benefit she learn. She learn to be polite and know the meaning of sharing. You just have to be determind and let go. The earlier u let go the faster he can adapt. I left immediately after 1 hr of the first day. In the beginning she will cry like mad but after all the playing and singing starts she will stop crying. This is the beginning that she has to go through when we first start a new enviroment. Even we adults dont feel at ease when we join a new company at our first day not knowing what to do. This is normal. Assure him you will come back.

    1. Hi puppygal,
      Thanks for sharing. Yes, I agree, we have to be determined and willing to let go. It’s a transition period that both the mother and child have to go through. When the child adapts to the school life, he or she will certainly enjoys going to school.

      Hi May,
      I’m sending my boy to pre-nursery at a church kindergarten. It’s a three hours program.

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