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My Typical Weekday Schedule – 2010

Recently, a friend asked me where do I find time to blog regularly when I have to work full-time, take care of an active toddler and manage the household. The truth is… I have a good helper to manage our household, I rarely work overtime and I get my inspirations to blog when everyone is asleep.

My day starts as early as 6:15am. My typical weekday schedule with a 2 year-old attending pre-nursery class is as follow:

6:15am – Wake up and get ready to work by 7am.

7:00am – Wake my son up, get him ready for school. If he doesn’t fuss, my helper will feed and clean him, while I take a quick breakfast. If he fusses, I’ll have to feed and clean him (sigh) and breakfast will be in my office.

7:30am – Leave home, drive my son and my helper to school.

8:00am – Little Edison starts his class and I send my helper to my PIL’s house before going to work.

8:20am – Reach my office and start work. My PIL will pick Little Edison from school at 11am.

6:00pm – Leave from work. I try my best to leave on the dot so that I can spend more time with Little Edison. Frankly, I feel terribly guilty for sending him to school and make him cry in the morning. Thus, I make it a point to spend more time with him after work.

6:20pm – Reach my PIL’s house, play time with Little Edison, followed by dinner.

8:30pm – Return to my own home. Shower.

9:00pm – Activity time with Little Edison: read books, practice flashcards, play blocks or puzzles etc.

10:00pm – Pat Little Edison to sleep.

10:15pm – ME time finally! Read newspaper, blog, chat with hubby or doing some self-maintenance (facial, manicure, pedicure etc).

11:15pm – Crash into bed.

At night, when I’m in a relaxed mode, inspirations are pouring in and I have lots of ideas to blog. I write my blog entries and schedule them to the posted on my blog.

I need at least 7 hours of sleep everyday; otherwise I’ll wake up like a zombie the next morning. I wish I can be like my hubby, who needs only 5-6 hours of sleep (but I can’t). If I can cut down 1-2 hours sleep time everyday, I can even set-up a blogshop, something that I’ve been dreaming of recently.

My schedule may be a little crazy but I still try to manage it as much as I can. I’ve been reflecting on what it is that could possibly be the secret to achieve work-life balance. After some mulling, I think I know the answers. It is not so much on maximizing the hours by working at lightning speed, but to leave work at work! I seldom bring paperwork home with me; I take my mind off work when I’m with my family. Likewise, I try to leave family issues at the door when I get to work.

Last but not least, I love my work and the life I’m living in. I sacrifice my time for something that I’m passionate about, I’m happy and I’ve no complaints.

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