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Edison – 2 Years, 5 Months

Little Edison is now 2 years and 5 months old. He’s a cheerful little boy who likes to make silly faces to make us laugh.

Potty training is one of the most significant skills that he acquires. Now, he is completely diaper-free during the day (even when he is out and at school). He only wears diaper during bedtime at night. We hope that he will be ready to go completely diaper-free before his third birthday.

His eating habits remain my biggest annoyance. I tried all sort of confrontational methods of dealing with a fussy eater, but they just won’t work. For fear that he will miss out on vital nutrients; I supplement him with cod liver oil and multi-vitamin syrup. I realized that tension will only bring negative effects. Thus, I always remain calm and allow plenty of time for his meals. As a matter of fact, he can take up to 45 mins to complete his meal. It’s crazy, I know, but at least he eats!

Temper tantrum is part and parcel of his growing up. Suddenly, he couldn’t tolerate any level of frustration or he couldn’t accept the word “no” without bursting into tears. Minutes later, he returns to his normal self, happy and cheeky. I totally understand that it’s a phase of his development whereby he needs to gain better control over his temper.

Dealing with tantrum is always challenging. I always set a limit and be firm and consistent against them. Make him learn that a “no” can never be changed to a “yes” no matter how he fusses. Calming him down and explaining why he can’t get his own way are the most crucial to deal with his tantrum effectively.

In terms of speech, he is able to issue instructions confidently to everyone at home (that’s our little master!) He has a vocabulary of at least five hundred words. He likes to compare two objects in terms of size, height, colors etc, albeit not always accurate. He can recite 1 to 29, but occasionally pronounce 11 as ‘elephant’. He can recognise the numbers from 1 to 10. He is fast in picking up new words that he heard from us. However, he is still unable to use pronouns such as “I”, “me” and “you” correctly. He addresses himself by his name.

He sleeps nine hours at night (10pm – 7am) with two hours of afternoon naps. Little Edison is a good sleeper, he rarely fusses at bedtime. I love him so much for the fact that he allows me to have my 7 hours of beauty sleep every night. A good night’s sleep allows us to wake up fresh and energized the next morning.

Well, that’s our Little Edison. Just like any other children, he can amaze us and wear us down at times. My moments spent with him may not be always sweet and tantrum-free, but I certainly enjoy the beauty of being his mother.

That is because he is my child. I love him, and I will always be there for him.


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Hi! Came across yr site from a Crocs newletter. Just wondering, hw do u train him to sleep at 10pm? 😉