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Product Review: Noddy Fun Book

Noddy Fun Book is a comprehensive brain development tool that emphasizes on logical thinking skills, develops hand-eye coordination, fosters observation and concentration skills as well as stimulates artistic senses. It was introduced to us during our last few lessons in Shichida Method.

Oh, did I ever tell you that we have withdrawn Little Edison from Shichida Method brain-training class in Dec 2009? Perhaps I’ve forgotten. We left in Dec 2009 after completing 6 terms. Main reason is that Little Edison started to lose interest and concentration in the class. I felt that the lessons are getting too advanced for a two-year-old, and that caused him to lose interest. He spent more than half of the time wandering at the back of the class instead of participating.

This Fun Book uses one flip grid and twelve numerical plastic boards to develop into mathematical and logical challenges. A wide selection of topics are being covered including numeral, mathematics, shape, color, time, animal, plant, weather, upper and lower case, daily life and so on. There are three different levels of difficulties in various topics catered for different learning ability and progress.

What is inside the Noddy Fun Book?

  • 10 colorful fun books
  • A flip grid
  • 12 numerical plastic boards
  • 1 parent guide
  •  Color markers

How to use it?

  • Step 1:

Open one of the fun book and the flip-grid. Take out the number pieces and put the empty grid on top of the book so that the lines in the book correspond with the squares on the grid. Place the number pieces on the left-hand side of the grid in sequence (from 1 to 12)

  • Step 2:

Follow the instructions on the top left corner of the book. Take a number piece from the left-hand side of the grid. Look at the pictures on the right-hand side and find the matching picture. Place the number piece in the empty square of the matching picture. Repeat the same with the other number pieces until all the 12 number pieces are transferred to the right-hand side of the grid.

  • Step 3:

Once you have completed, close the flip-grid and turn it over. Check whether the color combination on the flip-grid is the same as the answer key in the upper-right-hand corner of the book.

Noddy Fun Book contains 150 games. You can also derive new games using your own creativity. This product is patented by Learning Age International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan). I bought this set from SMH Bulk Purchase at $70+.

When I played this game with Little Edison for the first time, it was quite a challenge getting him to listen to my instructions. He was too excited and started putting the number pieces all over the places. Nonetheless, we still managed to complete one game. For the second time, it was a whole lot better. Now, he understands the objectives of the game and he is able to concentrate and complete two or three games at each session.

All in all, I think that it’s a really great product.

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Eellyn Moo

I would like to purchase this product. Can I know where is this place SMH? Thanks.


Hi Eellyn,

SMH aka Singapore Motherhood. look for ourbabiergenius at spree area, i just got my noddy from her for $75.


Hi Eellyn Moo ,
I also just ordered one from ourbabiesgenius , here is her link

Hope u can get yours too 🙂


Hi Emily, have been reading your blog for the past couple of weeks and Thank You so so much for providing so much of info which a mother of a 2 yr old toddler like myself find so useful. Will appreciate it loads if you cld give more details on where i can get the noddy fun book. I’m really keen…thanks again 🙂

Huey Ling

Happened to see this chain of comments. There is a seller in FB selling Noddy Fun Book and she has ready stocks and also selling at $75. Do not have to go thru SMH to wait for weeks.

Yoko Yong:!/profile.php?id=100000723560772


Hi, Tensai (Shichida Method store) is having pre-Christmas sale today.. selling at half price for Noddy Funbook at $59 only. For info 🙂


Hi Emily,

Thanks a lot for sharing all these useful info with all the mommies…

My boy is about 10 month old, is it too early to buy the Noddy Fun Book now?

Yokogi (Yoko)

Hi mummies, I’m Yokogi at SMH aka Yoko Yong (on facebook). Was browsing for reviews when i come across here. Many thanks for your recommendation to other like-minded mummies! I’m holding another BP now but it’s not so nice to post here. Do contact me at my facebook if interested. Our Little Smarties, i also face similar situation when my gal was in 2yo class. Whether it’s boy or gal, all are monkeys and restless. Now most of them are already in 4yo class and the class if pretty much stable now. Probably you wanna give it another shot while… Read more »


Hi Emily,
I’d like to buy 2 noddy fun books. Please advise where to find it. I live in Thailand and will travel to Singapore during 16-19 April 2011.
Thank you.


Hi Petch,
i bought from Yoko and her service is good. You can try to email or search for her at facebook with She should have ready stock. Have fun dude!



Just to ask your opinion on the noddy fun book – my child will be 4 in early feb 2012. He is, in my opinion, ahead of his peers (born in the same year) in terms of his development. Do you think this noddy set is still beneficial? This is not cheap, so I hope to get some mileage out of it. Thanks


hi,you blog really give me lots of good ideal to teach the kids… i really love it and already saved as fav..haha… i would like to purchase the nobby fun book. wonder if you have any preloved noddy fun book to let go,or anyway to get the set. as i think shichida pricing will be more ex. hee… thank for sharing….


i love your blog! u r indeed a wonderful mom! i’m enquiring bout this book on fb~ hope to get for my 21 months son~

btw, noticed ur son did attend shichida method, just wondering if this book set been used in shichida cls too? i’ve just enrolled my son in oct 12 intake’

thanks~ muacks!